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FM, LPFM, and Translators - FCC Applications and FM Studies

Radio Data Services can help with the following services for FM, LPFM stations, and FM translators:

  • Power upgrades, site re-location studies, modifications.
    We specialize in "2nd and 3rd adjacent waiver exhibits" and other technical studies. (Cost: $350)

·         LPFM FCC Application (Cost: $850)

·         FM Translator FCC Application initial “Short Form” Form 349 Auction 99 (Cost: $950)

·         FM Translator FCC Application final “Long Form” Form 349 Auction 99 (Cost: $750)

·         FM Translator FCC Application Form 349 (Cost: $1500)

·         FM Radio Station FCC Application (Cost: $1750)
We will generate all of the required technical exhibits and file the FCC application.

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FM Translator FCC Filing Window for AM Stations!
We can search for an FM translator frequency for your AM station and then prepare and file an FCC Form 349 “short form” and FCC Form 175 “Auction form” during the July 26th to August 2nd filing window.  


The complete cost for both is $1450.


More information from the FCC about the window:


FM Radio Station Upgrades, Modifications, and FCC Applications

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Recent FCC Approved Projects

See some examples of recent Radio Data Services FM projects involving FM full-power NCE-FM stations and FM translators. Projects include signal upgrades to 100kW, transmitter site relocation applications, directional patterns, supplemental TV-6 interference exhibits, channel changes and more.

WWEM (100 kW upgrade)
WGES (100 kW upgrade)

WTHP (Upgrade Class A to C3)

[Click here for partial list of other Construction Permits]

Radio Data Services can help with the following services for FM, FM Translator, and LPFM stations (and more):

  • Signal Upgrades to increase coverage and population served through a site move, adjacent channel change, directional pattern, increased power (ERP), etc.
  • New Channel Searches to identify areas where a new FM or LPFM station could be applied for in a future FCC filing window. Locate new frequencies now in advance of an FCC window.
  • FM Translators - Need to relocate an existing FM translator? Want to increase coverage by moving to a new location or a different frequency? We can maximize the coverage of FM translators.
  • LPFM - We can search your community to determine if an LPFM frequency might be available in the upcoming LPFM FCC window by using existing FCC rules and even under proposed rule changes with a 2nd adjacent channel waiver.


FM Station and Translator Signal Upgrade Studies

Have RDS examine the potential to upgrade your existing FM station or FM translator via a power increase, site relocation, antenna height increase, directional antennna pattern, or even a channel change to an adjacent or I.F. channel (considered a Minor Change by the FCC). In some cases RDS has been able to increase power from as much as 400% to over 1600% resulting in a substantial increase in the population served. The cost of an Upgrade Study is $350 and can be completed in about one week or less.
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FM Radio Coverage Maps

Longley Rice Coverage Maps

FCC Predicted Contour Maps

FCC Compliance

Technical Exhibits for FM and LPFM Applications
RF Radiation Compliance Exhibits(OET Bulletin 65)
TV Channel 6 Interference Studies
Main Studio Location Mapping

Searches and Studies

FM Channel Studies (Frequency Searches)
Signal Modification Studies (Signal Upgrades)
FM Station Modifications

Demographic Information

Demographic Studies and Population Analysis (using most recent census statistics)

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